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How to download e-textbooks?

In the past, access to electronic versions of a book for Academic purposes was limited to online use only or costly single access off-line use. With Ingram Digital Vital source e-textbooks you can access your e-textbooks in a way that is convenient for you. Its not just a boring .pdf like some other e-books out there, its interactive.

The Bookmark e-Textbooks are available for use on your PC, Tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Please note: This is limited to one mobile, one tablet, one laptop and PC.

User-friendly and most importantly, available for off-line usage where many users may not have continuous internet access.

Some benefits of this solution include:

  • Single sign-on for all your textbooks
  • You can highlight and make notes on your e-textbook that you can share with your friends or lecturer wherever they are.
  • Access to your e-textbook via any smartphone or tablet that has a browser.
  • This means its always available.
  • On your way to campus, in a taxi or where you cant reach a PC.
  • Local support for queries at Tel: (012) 362 4420

The e-textbook content is provided under agreement from individual publishers. If there are any books that we dont have available in Vitalbook format, just let us know which title and ISBN by e-mail to info@bookmark.co.za clearly stating that you require the e-book of it.

Ingram is the largest distributor of Academic textbooks in the US, therefore the list of available titles surpasses any other offering on the market.

These are e-Textbooks the way YOU want them, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To take away!

To begin your journey, register on bookmark.vitalsource.com or download the FREE Vital source bookshelf for your PC or Mac Computer at http://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/ .

As indicated above, the Vitalsource e-books can be read on many different devices with corresponding screen sizes, this may change the page numbering format or be presented as a continuous "infinite scroll". Please try the technology first before you buy to see if it suits your needs.

You can also download the Vitalsource Bookshelf e-reader application for your Windows, iOS or Android tablet in the relevant App store for your device.

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